World Championship of Team Fortress Classic
WCTFC - World Championship. Finally. This is what TFC needs. Did you practice already? No? Why not? What do you mean it's not going to happen? TFC is dead? Aww, look at you, it's so cute of you to say something like that. :)
ยง1 Participation, Administration, General Info
1. With joining the championship you accept these rules. Incomprehension is not an excuse.
2. Do not question the decisions of the administration. First think about their reasons for that decision. His action may not be his opinion, but it might be written in the rules!
3. All matches are to be played with the most recent version of Team Fortress Classic on Steam.
a: All matches are to be played on updated servers.
ยง2 National Teams
1. A national team is a team created of players from a single country.
1. a. If a country can't find enough players or is ridiculously bad, it may team up with another team that qualifies for it.
2. A team has to contain at least 4 players to participate. The teams are able to sign up with as many players as they want.
a: The teams will be set to 4v4 or 8v8 before the league starts. They can't change that during the season.
3. All players have to be signed up at the website with their SteamID. (STEAM_x:y:z)
ยง3 Matches
1. Dates
a: The WCTFC will provide you with a default date and time. The teams are allowed to discuss and change the date.
b: If you want to change the date, both teams have to contact the WCTFC administration with the correct date and time 3 days before.
2. A match can be played on any server which fulfils the following conditions.
a: VAC is activated.
b: There are no scripts, plugins or code-changes that help a specific team in any way. (E.g. making a team faster or giving a team unlimited amount of ammo)
c: Log-Mode is activated. The logs are either uploaded at the Blarghalyzer or sent to an admin. Please do a "rcon status" when all players are connected.
d: ETAB or ETANA are installed and running on the server. Which one of those doesn't matter.
3. Amount of players
a: If both teams entered for 8v8, the match is played 8v8.
b: If one of the teams entered as 4v4, the match is played 4v4.
4. Timelimit
a: 8v8: One map is played 30 minutes.
b: 4v4: One map is played 15 minutes for 2 times. (1x def, 1x off)
5. The prematch has to be set to 5 minutes.
6. Demos
a: Every player has to record a demo. How to record a demo?
b: The HLTV has to record a demo.
c: The demos have to be sent to the WCTFC admins immediately. A broken demo equals no demo.
d: You have to send in your demos until 24 hours after the match.
7. You may play with at most 1 HWGuy.
8. HLTV and a WCTFC admin on the server are mandatory.
9. Server Choice
a: You play your map on the opposite's server, and likewise.
b: You may play both maps on one server, if the other team agrees. OR, if the admins see your reasons as justified. (Ping, Choke/Loss, ...)
ยง4 Maps
1. a: The teams each choose one map of the mappool.
b: The default decider map is 2kfort5, but the teams may change it, if they agree on another map of the mappool.
c: You have to reveal your mapchoice 3 days before the matchdate.
2. Mappool
a: 2fort
b: 2kfort5
c: 2mesa3
d: alchimy_l2
e: chimkey_l
f: crossover2
g: cz2
h: destroy_l
i: monkey_l
j: openfire_lowgrens
k: phantom
l: raiden3
m: schtop
n: shutdown2
o: ss_nyx_ectfc
p: well
ยง5 Scoring & Decider
1. The winner of the match is determinated by points.
2. The winner of a map is awarded 1 point.
3. Default wins
a: A default win is awarded, when a team doesn't come to a set date or becomes inactive
4. Decider rounds
a: If two maps have been played and the score is even (1:1), you have to play a decider round.
b: The server for the decider round is chosen by the admins.
c: Golden Goal: The team that can score 2 caps faster wins.
ยง6 Cheats & Exploits & Lameness
1. List of forbidden scripts and commands:
a: Chopping is not allowed. (Down to 1 duck)
b: You may not use cl_pitchdown and cl_pitchup. (Used in Pipedown, RJ scripts, ..)
c: You may not use force_centerview
2. General prohibitions
a: No OvO: offence may not attack offence, even if it's soldier / NG / .. offence. Not even flag carriers.
b: Also, please no DvD? :) (Same as above, but with def instead of off)
[-Blarghalyzer-] The Blarghalyzer is a tool by Blargh that converts server logs into well arranged statistics. http://blarghalyzer.org
[-How to record a demo?-] To record a demo, type "record " into your console. Remember to record a new demo, if you got disconnected from the server and check if the demo record is still running with typing in record with another filename again. DO NOT use the same filename to check if it's still running, it would be overwritten if the recording was stopped and restarted!
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